Migration Prosody Storage


Due to regular stability problems, the storage has been changed to a file-based format. This should make the problems a thing of the past.

Tor Update Version 3


Since the current Tor version 2 will no longer be supported after October 2021, it has now been updated to the latest version 3.

The new Tor V3 address is: 32qywqnlnqzbry42nmotr47ebts3k6lhiwfob6xniosmepz2tsnsx7ad.onion

Terms of use updated


New terms of use added:

Accounts that have not logged in within 2 days after registration will be deleted from the server.

Voice and video calls activated


The feature XEP-0215 has been activated on jabbers.one.

With this feature, voice and video calls can be started via the Conversations Beta version from the Google Playstore.

Both servers and accounts must support the feature so that voice and video calls can be started.

Mastodon status channel


If there are problems with the XMPP server, status reports can now also be received via the Mastadon instance from anoxinon.de.

URL: https://social.anoxinon.de/@jabbersone

Database problems fixed


In the past, problems with picking up archived messages were common.

As a result, the database was overloaded and the XMPP service was temporarily no longer available.

A large database cleaning and optimization took place last night.

The database problems and the resulting failures should be resolved.

Support chat online


A support chat has been set up to provide support for problems or other things. This can be achieved under the following JID.


If nobody is active in the support chat, an email can also be sent to info@jabbers.one.

HTTP Upload adjustments


Changes have been made to the HTTP upload and the file storage duration.

HTTP Upload: 10 MB
HTTP Upload Quota: 50 MB
File storage duration: 30 Tage

HTTP Upload: 50 MB
HTTP Upload Quota: 200 MB
File storage duration: 10 Tage



To avoid port blocking by firewalls, it is now also possible to connect to the XMPP server via port 443.

Webchat online


Updated the Webchat and is online again.

XMPP server & website online again


Restored xmpp server and website from backup. All services are back.

Harddrive Crash


The harddrive crashed, after a maintenance of our VPS provider. The server will be moved to a new host and data will be migrated later.

Privacy Policy Website Update


The privacy policy for the website has been optimizied and updated.

Thanks to German Society for Data Protection and Sven Wrobel.

Access Over IPV6


Our XMMP server is also reachable over IPV6

IPV6 Address: 2a02:c207:3001:1779::1

Access Over TOR Hidden Service


From now on, the jabbers.one XMPP Server can also be reached via TOR.

Hidden Service Address: hiarejcrlfrlefvt.onion

Website Online & XMPP Registration


Finally after 4 years our website went public.
Anyone interested can now register a jabbers.one XMPP account and communicate with others through the XMPP network.