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    What is Jabber / XMPP?


    Jabber / XMPP is a chat service, similar like Whatsapp or Threema. With it you can chat with your friends or family. Its independence is the big advantage towards other chat services. You are not fixed to a provider and you can choose from a big choice of client programs.

    The Concept Jabber / XMPP

    The basic concept at Jabber / XMPP – like in every instant messenger – is a friend list. There you register friends, colleagues or famliy members. Henceforth you can see when your friends are online and can chat with them.

    Important To Know

    There is not "ONE" Jabber / XMPP Software. Jabber is the synonym for the service about which you communicate. Therefor you have to use one of the client programs, we also offer you simple tutorials.

    Anyone with any

    Jabber has the unbeatable advantage, that you can communicate with the other users of other provider, no matter, for which provider you will decide. E.g. as user from you can chat with your friends at google mail or without register an account there.

    The Jabber / XMPP address

    Each user has an address that is the same in the structure of the e-mail address, the so-called Jabber / XMPP ID. For example, e-mail addresses of some large providers (overview) can be used directly as a Jabber / XMPP address. A suitable Jabber / XMPP ID would be for example:

    Always available

    Jabber / XMPP, unlike other providers, allows it to be logged in from multiple locations simultaneously (for example, on the computer at home and on the mobile phone). Optionally, this location can also be made visible in the Jabber / XMPP ID. This would look like this for example:


    The cross-provider communication has another advantage: you can choose your provider freely. The major services such as Whatsapp or Facebook have some very questionable terms and conditions. At Jabber / XMPP, finding a provider that fits your privacy and privacy needs is no problem.

    Open substructure

    The protocol based on the Jabber (XMPP) is visible to everyone. So anyone can program a client or use the protocol as a foundation for other services.


    As a rule, calls via other services are unencrypted. This can, for example, in public W-LANs (university, airport, cafe, etc.) cause strangers to read your private conversations without much effort. Jabber / XMPP offers the ability to encrypt both the connection to the Jabber provider and individual conversations in a simple yet efficient way. Private chats stay private too.

    License & Sources

    Creative Commons

    This text is available under the Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany license and is based on in part, on the blog entry by Frederik Elwert .